our beautiful boys

Exciting New Additions coming 2021!

Red Point Siamese



sopa top siamese for 2019

kzncc best kzn  bred & owned cat 2019

sacc grand champion

Fynn is our little pur pot, he is the most lovable boy and just wants to play with the small kittens. He is a lovely balanced boy, with wonderful eye colour for a Red. He is a big boy for his age with a straight profile, excellent wedge and elegant body. Fynn is the Best KZN Siamese Kitten on show for 2018. Fynn has gone on to produce constant litters of well typed kittens.

Fynn has had three of his kittens place in the Top 12 Best In Show Line ups and have been the Best of Breed kittens at shows in KZN and Eastern Cape. Two of his first litter of kittens have qualified for the SACC Cat of The Year 2019 show in Cape Town.


Blue based Caramel Point Siamese

SACC Grand Champion

We exchanged kittens with Taldi cattery to secure our import lines in an “outside” cattery and to improve the ever decreasing Siamese gene pool n South Africa.

Grey is beautifully balanced boy with a charming temperament.  He is wonderful blend of Import Dutch and German Siamese lines with longevity. His father, Lucca von Hestemaas of Taldi (Imp) is the SACC Stud of the Year for 2013 .

We cannot wait to see how he does on the show bench and to see what beautiful babies we get from him and our girls.



 Mads is our first home-bred Peterbald stud, he is excellent type and has a loving nature . He is the result of a mating with the beautiful Triskell Hellraiser of Minki Liu (IMP) imported from Germany . We are so grateful to Nicole Earnshaw for sending him here so we can get our Peterbald program up and running. Mads has been an amazing stud producing exquisite , healthy kittens.

We look forward to seeing how he does on show this year.


Apricot Bicolour  Velour PETERBALD

After a few stressful months this beautiful green eyed boy arrived!

We are so happy to add a bicolour to our Peterbald breeding program, although we are phasing out the “o-genes” in our cattery we made the exception with Spirit.  We look forward to seeing some calico peterbalds from him and our solid girls and hopefully some vans  from our Bicolour girls.

Sadly Spirit cannot be shown due to an injury.