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SACC & CFSA Triple Supreme Champion

Bell -Aimee Cinnabun 

Seal Pointed Bicolour Oriental

CFSA GARS Siamese, Oriental & Peterbald Neuter 2016

Cinnabun is another Squidgy baby and was adopted by Natasja and Her Family.

He started his show career in 2015 as a young adult , attending shows in JHB, being the first Bell-Aimee baby ever to be show in JHB and to win a Cat of the Day (BIS) at the NCS CFSA Show.

He also qualified for the CFSA Gold and Ruby show where he placed 3rd in the Neuter ring and was Best Siamese,Oriental Peterbald Gold Neuter for 2016.

SACC Grand Premier

Bell-Aimee Indigo Moon

Caramel  Spotted Tabby Oriental

SACC COTY 2018 Qualifier

Indie wowed the judges at his first show, he won the Novice ring and placed tied 6thin the Top 12 along with his sister Dusty.

At the PCS Back2Back show in June 2017 Indie placed 7th in the Top 12 line up for Show 2 and won Best Siamese Oriental kitten for show 2.

Indie  qualified for PCS Top Cat 2017.

Indie was Best Siamese Oriental Neuter on show at the PCS April 2018 Show.

SACC Grand Premier

Bell-Aimee Yulah

Lilac Tortie Spotted Tabby Oriental

11th Placed Kitten  – SACC Cat of the year 2017

Yulah being shown was a total surprise to us, her owners surprised me with beautiful show reports and photos from the show.

Yulah is our first baby to be shown in Port Elizabeth and she did us proud by being placed 11th in the Top 12 Best in Show Line up  with some stiff competition.

Yulah is our first Kitten neuter to qualify for SACC Coty 2017 and she placed 12th in the Kitten section.

SACC Grand Premier

Bell-Aimee Oliver

Red Spotted Tabby Oriental

Oliver is our first baby to be shown in Cape Town. He received lovely reports from his judges.