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Black Peterbald Male Kitten
Black Peterbald Male Kitten


bell-aimee midnight sky

top 4 Ruby adult  – cfsa gars 2021
 top 4 ruby cat – cfsa gars 2021

black self

PRA status : Negative

Felv/Fiv : Negative

COI: 00.146%

Bobbles is our dream boy! He is a sweet boy with extreme type for a Peterbald. We are so happy Pearlie  & Mads blessed us with this beautiful boy. Bobble’s pedigree consists of  an  impressive mix of  European Catteries  (some of these include Higashi, Triskell , Calenacats, Felinus Azorica, La Lune D’Or , Bellamis, Shagio-Chen, Carmiel, Okonor , Arhantin & Felitaun). The beginning of May 2021 Bobbles had emergency surgery for an intususseption, we are so blessed that he survived surgery and recovered fully.


Black Peterbald Male Kitten
Black Peterbald Male Kitten


bell-aimee look what you made me do

cfsa double grand champion
gold male qualifier – cfsa gars 2021

Caramel point

PRA  Status : Negative

Felv/Fiv : Negative

COI: 00.000%

Mads is our first home-bred Peterbald stud, he is excellent type and has a loving nature . He is the result of a mating with the beautiful Triskell Hellraiser of Minki Liu (IMP) imported from Germany . We are so grateful to Nicole Earnshaw for sending him here so we can get our Peterbald program up and running. Mads has been an amazing stud producing exquisite , healthy kittens.

Offspring to Note : Bell-Aimee Moon River, Bell-Aimee Midnight Sky, Bell-Aimee Jean Gray, Connemara Pansy 


Black Peterbald Male Kitten
Black Peterbald Male Kitten


Taldi dorian grey of bell-Aimee

grand champion

blue point

Felv/Fiv : Negative

We exchanged kittens with Taldi cattery to secure our import lines in an “outside” cattery and to improve the ever decreasing Siamese gene pool in South Africa.
Grey is beautifully balanced boy with a charming temperament. He is wonderful blend of Import Dutch and German Siamese lines with longevity. His father, Lucca von Hestemaas of Taldi (Imp) is the SACC Stud of the Year for 2013 .
He as produced beautiful kittens and we are so grateful to have him in our cattery.