Whilst everybody knows the Siamese breed, I an often presented with the question “What is an Oriental” and the easiest way to describe it is a Siamese with colour all over its body, with mostly green eyes instead of blue. 

When the Oriental Shorthair was accepted for championship status in 1977 it rapidly became one of CFA’s most popular breeds. With over 300 different colors and patterns to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find an Oriental that will tickle your fancy.

Imagine a Siamese wearing a head to toe coat in white, red, cream, black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon or fawn. These are the solids. For a sparkling undercoat, stir in the silver gene (to all but the white), and you have a smoke Oriental. Perhaps, instead, you’d like the color restricted to the tips of the hair. For this, we have the shadeds (ticked) to whet your appetite.

Paint splashes of white on any of these coats and you have a bi-colour.  With the 1995 addition of the Oriental Longhair (Javanese) into this family of sleek, muscular felines the Oriental breed can provide a cat for just about anyone.  

Oriental Shorthairs are very similar to their Siamese counterparts in nature.  They are intelligent, social animals who bond very closely to their human. They are inquisitive, friendly, emotional, demanding and often quite vocal. They will depend on and trust you forever if you love and take care of them. Their purr can be extremely loud when happy. 

Conversely, they do not adapt to changes well and stress can weaken immunity and cause illness.  Orientals also do not thrive as only pets if their human is not on hand for constant attention.

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