litter plans

Bell-Aimee kittens are registered with the South African Cat Council (SACC)  and leave for their forever homes from 16 weeks old after being cleared by our Vet.

We do require all potential adopters to complete a kitten questionnaire (this helps us match the right kitten to the right home) and then you will be added to the Waiting List.
Our kittens are born and raised in our bedroom with the weaning process starting at 4 weeks old where they are introduced to wet food and kibbles.

Between 8 & 10 weeks old the kittens go for their first Health & Wellness Exam (includes first 3 in 1 vaccination and deworming) – all done by a licensed Veterinarian.

Kittens then go for their second set of vaccinations ( booster 3 in 1  and first Rabies) between 12 and 14 weeks old where they are health checked again by our Veterinarian. 

 Approved families will be required to pay a non-refundable holding fee and sign the Adoption Agreement  .

If the holding fee is not paid within a week, the kitten will then be available to the next family on the waiting list.

We will send you updates , including photos, of your kittens development, routine vet visits and procedures.

Once your kitten has been sterilized , you will be sent your kitten shopping list which includes diet requirements, cat litter , toy suggestions and the kitten manual which contains information to prepare your home for your new addition and some tips to help the transitioning process.

The remainder of the Adoption fee is required before your kitten will be homed.

Transport fees will also be required for kittens travelling out the province.


    We highly recommend Kido Pet Insurance to all our new kitten owners to cover any accidents or illness.

    Our Queen’s are covered by Kido Pet! 


    Litters planned for late 2022

    Siamese, Oriental & Peterbald

    We have a new litter of Siamese, Oriental & Peterbalds.

    Kitten availability will posted once the kittens are 8 weeks old.  Prospective owners on our waiting list will be contacted the first week of July 2022.


    AVAILABLE – Currently Accepting applications for the kitten
    OPTION – Kitten is tentatively reserved  but deposit hasn’t been paid. Might become available later
    RESERVED –  The reservation deposit has been paid

    Litter News

    July 2021 Update

    July 2021 Update

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    Star Litter 2020

    Star Litter 2020

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    2020 Litter Plans

    2020 Litter Plans

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    Whats included in the Adoption Fee

    Purebred Bell-Aimee Kitten out of tested parents/lines (FELv & FIV ,PRA)

    Two 3 in 1 Vaccinations (Panleukopenia, Calicivirus, Feline Herpes)

    One Rabies Vaccination

    Identipet or Backhome  Microchip

    Spayed/Neuter procedure

    Preventive Parasite Treatments (deworming and Tick & Flea)

    4 Generation Pedigree & Transfer of Ownership document

    Bell -Aimee Adoption Agreement

    1 Month’s Free Kido Pet Insurance Cover


    Bell-Aimee Welcome Pack

    • Bell-Aimee Kitten Guide
    • Hill’s Science Plan Kitten Welcome Kit
    • Blanket
    • Toy Selection

    Whats not included in the Adoption fee

    Airline approved Pet Carrier or Carrier Rental

    Flight Costs

    Any Medical testing or Permits required by New Owner 

    Transportation can be arranged to all main  Airports in South Africa​.​

    I highly recommend Aimee and Bell-Aimee Cattery for her wonderful, affectionate kittens.  Her love for, and commitment to, all her cats and kittens is obvious. The two kittens we received were of an outstanding quality, and their temperament indicates how much they were loved and how well they were treated by the breeder.  

    We absolutely adore our cats and Aimee was professional, knowledgeable and considerate throughout – the kittens were flown from Pietermaritzburg to Cape Town. She takes great pride in breeding beautiful, sensitive, exceptionally well-natured cats.

     It is with the greatest of pleasure that I recommend Aimee and Bell-Aimee Cattery as an excellent breeder. Our two little precious kittens together with her kindness and insight made obtaining kittens a wonderful and effortless experience.


    Owner of Caligula, Atticus and Amelia

    It’s an amazing process and working with Aimee is a dream. Our kitten has an irreplaceable personality and we enjoy having him part of our family. Our next 4-legged baby will definitely be one of Aimee’s!


    Owner of Oliver & Mushu

    Aimee you are amazing- you somehow match the right kitten with the right owner! We are so in love with Leonardo! You are an impeccable breeder of stunning kitties!


    Owner of Leonardo

    We are completely obsessed with Aimee’s kitten that we got a month ago. He was so meant for our family. He’s got huge personality and is the best cuddle monster any child could ask for. He’s very well socalised and is extremely vocal especially around breakfast and supper time. Having had a number of Siamese before I would never try another breeder again. Bell-Aimee Siamese are truly the best!!!!!!!! Thank you Aimee xxx


    Owner of Charlie

    “I was looking for a bi-colour kitten and came across Bell-Aimee Cattery’s website. I contacted her and sure she had a kitten. I was very impressed with her immediate response and feedback on the kitten.From the start when i decided to take a kitten from her she sent me photos of my new baby and kept me informed on his progress.She sent him from Pietermaritzburg to Pretoria and kept me updated all the way. I am very grateful for Aimee, to have one of her babies.”He is a pleasure and very balanced cat.He integrated easily with my other 7 cats and i took him to shows where he Premiered and is currently on his way to become a Grand Premier. Her kittens are a must have because they are raised in a home environment and it’s very important for their socializing with other cats.Their Human Moms & Dads will love them to bits as i love my seal pointed bicolour oriental. He is such a character!Thanks Aimee for my baby Boy!


    Owner of Cinnabun & Katja

    December  was the darkest period in my life. My wife had a fatal accident and I had to put two dogs and a blue Burmese down – this due to age and poor quality of life. It was always a decision my wife and I made that our pets did not suffer if they were incurable…..Marina my daughter somehow immediately discovered you had a cat available – she knew that I had a passion for the Eastern breeds as in the past al my cats were Siamese or Burmese.

    Initially very understandably Cally was very nervous in her  new surroundings – I arranged that she be housed on a fully glass enclosed patio.
    She has turned out to be most adorable and extremely affectionate.
    We have one disagreement – she loves sleeping under the blanket on cold nights but on warm nights she loves sleeping on my head – and while I appreciate her “kneeding” as a token of love I have to coax her to lie down next to me.
    So I must thank you for this wonderful gift of love and companionship.

    Owner of Callie (homed as an adult)

    So my Little Riley Paige took over my life and my heart 5 days ago and I couldn’t be more in love she was so well socialized with in 2 hours of being home she was all over us purring and letting us scratch her tummy. She is such a friendly, active, talkative but also so sweet and cuddly kitty with a personality that definitely out weighs her size. Aimee is amazing and breeds the most amazing fur babies with the best personalities Riley Paige is everything I wanted and so so so much more. Aimee has been amazing through the whole process always willing to answer questions and give advice and keep you updated with photos and videos. And really cares about the well being of all her cats once they go to their forever homes.


    Owner of Riley