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Please complete the questionnaire below so that we can add you to our Waiting List.

Adoption Fee for Sterilized Kittens*:

  • Brush, Velour & Chamois Peterbalds R9500
  •  Naked Peterbalds  R11 000
  • Siamese & Orientals (including Peterbald Variants) R6500

*Sterilized Kittens have a set Adoption fee  whereas Kittens for Breeding are priced on an Individual basis.

Once we have a litter due with the Breed and/or colour/pattern your interested in , you will be required to pay a Waiting List Fee of R1000 (Non refundable) which will come off the overall Adoption Fee.

The Waiting List Fee confirms that you are committed to adopting a Bell-Aimee kitten  and not just “Window Shopping” between Breeders for the first available kitten.

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