About Us

Est 2011

Bell-Aimee, coming from the French word Belamy  meaning “beautiful friend” and just happens to be a combination of my name and my first breeding queens call name “Bella” .

We are a small cattery situated in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Our aim is to breed high quality, healthy and most importantly socialized kittens with wonderful temperaments. Our breeding cats are selected for their temperament and health, with our inbreeding co-efficient over 10 generation falling under 10% (which is the ideal level in catteries). 

We attend local shows as often as possible to see that we are conforming to the SACC Breed Standards and to promote our breeds.

Our cats are regularly snap tested for Feline Leukaemia and Feline Aids (FelV/ FIV) and blood tests to check that our cats are at their healthiest. 

Our cattery started in 2011 with just one Queen Michelle’s Muckle who did exceptionally well on show but unfortunately did not produce any kittens. Our breeding partner Faye Corcoran from Connemara Cattery gifted us with an older Queen from her cattery, Connemara Ondine who produced healthy large litters. We kept on of her daughters’, Sweetie Pie, to continue breeding with once Ondine was spayed.

In 2013 we started working with Nicole Earnshaw from Minki Liu Cattery. We bought our first Oriental Minki Liu Angel Rose (aka Squidgy) from Nicole and went on to be a super mom producing beautiful babies – getting her the SACC Runner Up Brood Queen Award in 2016. Over the years we worked closely with Nicole who become a close friend and mentor. Nicole imported several stunning males over the years ( some of those being Calencats Victor & Triskell Hellraiser)  and we were very lucky to have them improve our breeding and the South African genepool. A big Thank You to Nicole for everything she has done for us, we wouldn’t be where we are today without her.

In 2016 We imported our first stud, a beautiful black panther RU*Higashi Lion King who unfortunately had to be sterilized as he was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and therefore could not be bred with.

His wonderful Breeder graciously replaced him with RU*Higashi Number One ( Vanya) who had produced many beautiful kittens in Russia and would be retiring from her cattery. Vanya has made a significant impact on improving the breed, not only the Siamese & Oriental but also Peterbald.


We have  been featured in Platteland Magazine  (Winter 2015 Edition) , AnimalTalk Magazine  “Welcome Home Kitty” Issue #281 May 2018 and been on the front page of The Natal Witness.

SACC Cat Of The Year Qualifiers since 2014

CFSA Cat Of The Year Qualifiers since 2019

PCS Top Cat Qualifiers

CFSA Gold & Ruby Show Qualifiers since 2019