We are so proud we have 7 cats in the CFSA Top 20 for COTY (1 to 10) and GARS (11 – 20) show! 🌟
Especially proud to have 4 of our Peterbalds in the Top 20 considering its our first year on show with them.
Thank you to the judges who made it possible.🎉

Cat of the Year Qualifiers (COTY)

Bell-Aimee Ruby Rose

Gold & Ruby Show Qualifiers (GARS)

Gold Male Section – GARS
Bell-Aimee Look what You Made Me Do

Ruby Kitten Section – GARS
Bell-Aimee Midnight Sky
Bell-Aimee MoonRiver of Dreamgiver
Bell-Aimee Jean Gray

Gold Neuter Section – GARS
Bell-Aimee Riana Rose of Connemara
Bell-Aimee Ginja

Bell-Aimee Look whatYou made Me Do

Bell-Aimee Midnight Sky 

Bell-Aimee MoonRiver

Bell-Aimee Jean Gray

Bell-Aimee Riana Rose

Bell-Aimee Ginja

Also our boy’s offspring did well placing in the Top 20 – Fynn has 3 ( 2 COTY & 1 GARS), Mads has 4 (1 COTY & 3 GARS)  and Grey has 2 (GARS).❤️
Ruby has 2 offspring in GARS.
All our COTY and GARS qualifiers are all descendants of our Russian import RU*Higashi Number One aka Vanya.