Due to Covid and being under Lockdown levels 2 to 5 for over a year we were unfortunetly unable to attend any cats shows. Luckily various clubs from all over the world held virtual cat shows that we could enter and get some feedback from International Judges.

The first show we entered the the Curls and Twirls Cat show held by a local cat club.

Triss and Mads did well and both featured in judges Top 10 line ups.

The second show we entered was the WorldWide Easter All breeds Cat Show based in the UK. It was a tough competition but we are extremely proud that all 3 of our cats entered all 3 placed in their judges Top 10. The most amazing result was Bobbles who placed 2nd in his Kitten section. we are so proud of him.

We have also entered Jean and Bobbles in the North West Tica Virtual Show and look forward to seeing how they do.

Now that we are on Lockdown level 1 Cat Shows are starting to be organised so we look forward to entering local shows.