So we thought our 2020 Litter plans all organised but now with the Covid19 outbreak it has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works so we have had to review a lot of our plans for 2020. We had planned to focus on promoting our breeds at shows and have kittens middle to end of the year but now with the cancellation of our shows we have had our litters a little earlier in the year and then have a break in 2021.

At this moment in time we are planning on having just 4 litters for 2020.

We currently have one litter on the way end of May (Phantom of the Opera Litter : Oriental & Siamese) and Rosalie has just been mated and if that is successful she will be due the middle of June 2020 (Siamese, Orinetal & Peterbalds).

We have 2 girl that have not had litters yet so we are hoping to mate them later in the year .  Our other girls have had kittens so they can skip a year and have kittens again end of 2021. 

We are also retiring some of our young adults should anyone be interested in adopting an adult instead of a kitten. 

Our beautiful Russian Import Vanya will be neutered the end of 2020, ideally we had planned to have him neutered middle of 2020 but have now had to postpone the last litters we wanted with him to end of the year. 

Going forward with our cattery we are going to be focusing more on our Pointed colours so are slowly phasing out our Orientals ( mainly our Torties and Reds)  although we will still have the odd litter.

Should you be interested in any of our up and coming litters or available adults, please contact us on 072 426 7810 or