With Diwali and Guy Fawkes coming up next week please make sure you and your pets are prepped for the loud bangs.

Calmeze is an excellent product to use but please bare in mind it is suggested to start a few days before so that the active ingredients have a chance to build up in your pets system. It is available “over the counter” from most vets and vet shops. Feliway is also very help full if you have several cats that are hard to give medication to,  simple plug in the diffuser a week before the stressful period and the pheromones will help keep the cats calm.

If your pets are not microchipped i would strongly suggest getting this done asap.

What we do   :

– all pets given calmeze 2 days prior to the event, on the day dosed in the morning and then again in the evening, 2 hours prior to the fireworks.

– all our pets are inside the house in a safe space where they cannot harm themselves trying to escape the noise (we also put show pens up for the cats and cover them with blankets so the cats have a “cave” to hide in if they choose to do so).

– turn the tv or radio up loud so that it buffers some of the bad bangs.

This seems to work with our kitties