The end of the show season has arrived with the ultimate show finale SACC Cat Of The Year 2018. 
We are so proud that Vanya qualified for a second year in a row also with Firework and neuters owned by our kitten owner Sam. 
However we decided not to attend as it would be a long journey for the cats. 
We are so proud our cattery placed 4th overall and was the highest place Siamese & Oriental Cattery in South Africa. Our retired queen Cindy placed 4th in the Brood Queen of the Year standings.
It was lovely seeing all the beautiful cats on show however it was sad to see so few Siamese on show.
In an effort to help with the shortage of Siamese in South Africa and to improve the breed genepool we are now opening certain lines from our cattery to ethical, reputable breeders.
We are proud to say our first boy is leaving in a few weeks to his new home.