SACC Runner Up Breeder  2016 & 2019 | Best Siamese & Oriental Breeder in SA 2016 & 2019 | Best KZN Siamese & Oriental Breeder 2015 -2019 | CFSA Nominated Cattery of the Year 2021

We focus on breeding happy, healthy  Siamese, Oriental & Peterbald kittens with super personalities . We work exclusively with Ethical, Reputable Registered Breeders , both locally and Internationally – Germany, Russia, UK And Australia, who focus on improving the health of our special breeds. Our top priority is to find the purrfect homes for our babies. We specialize in Pointed (Solid , Tabby ) and Bicolours in our Siamese, Orientals and Peterbalds. Although we will still have the odd solid colour litter of Orientals or Peterbalds.

Please Note we work from a Waiting List, YOU MUST complete our Kitten Questionnaire to be added to the list. 


Affectionate and intelligent companions, renowned for their social  nature, sometimes described as “extroverts”. 


Simply put , it’s a Siamese in a coloured dress – varieties of solid colours & patterns eye colour ranging from green to copper .

Black Peterbald Kitten


Very rare breed that comes in 4 coat variations – Naked/Chamois, Velour, Brush and full coat variety called Variants.

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July 2021 Update

July 2021 Update

2021 it seems to be turning into a repeat of 2020! We have sadly had to retire two of our younger...

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